1. To activate : Bend the metal disk inside the pack, it will start crystallization. When the crystallization is completed, it's ready to use.
2. To reuse : Please place it in boiling water with cloth and boil it about 5-10 minutes or until all the crystal is dissolved, then it's reusable. Keep away from the heated surface pan, Don't put it in microwave oven.


1. Instant heat up to approximate 52 degrees after activated.
2. Can be reused hundreds times by following the instruction.
3. Mainly used for hot physiotherapy.
4. Especially effective for muscle pain, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, knee pain, ankle pain and some other joint pain.
5. Different shapes, sizes, and colors are available.
6. Inside liquid is sodium acetate and water,non-toxic, non-caustic.


1. Never allow pot to boil dry.
2. Never leave heat pack unattended when boiling.
3. Don't use or boil if heat pack is punctured.
4. Don't heat in microwave.
5. Keep away from children and pets.